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The Mint400 X Heat Wave Visual 2017

The Mint 400 and Heat Wave Visual have teamed up for the 3rd time to bring you the official custom sunglasses for the 2017 Polaris RZR Mint 400 presented by BFGoodrich Tires! The 2017 Mint 400 Heat Wave Visual sunglasses will be available for purchase at both the Heat Wave Visual booth space and official Mint 400 merchandise semi at Tech & Contingency on Friday, March 1st from 8:00am-5:00pm on Fremont St. East and all day long at the official Primm Valley Mint 400 Start/Finish Line in Primm, NV on Saturday, March 4th.

These Limited Edition Mint 400 Sunglasses are based off of Heat Wave Visual’s proven model the VISE and feature red or grey Heat Wave metal logo inlays exclusive to the 2017 Mint 400. They also feature “The Mint 400” printed on the side of each arm, along with official branding on the inner temple. The Mad Media designed eyewear is a perfect way to rep off-road in style while keeping your eyes out of the searing Nevada sun.

Available exclusively at Contingency on Friday March 3rd on Fremont St. in Las Vegas, NV and Saturday on Race Day at the Start / Finish at Primm Valley, or thru Themint400.com

December 18, 2016


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First Ever: Vise and Regulator now available in Marina Blue and Infrared

We're going against the grain and releasing two Highly Visual new colors in the dead of winter to get everyone out there fired up and moving - Introducing our first colored frames in several years, and the first ever colored frames for the VISE and Regulator; Marina Blue & Infrared. Both designed to pop for those of you that want to add a little color to your eyewear collection.

The VISE shown in Infrared

The Regulator shown in Infrared

The Regulator shown in Marina Blue

The Vise shown in Marina Blue


December 16, 2016


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The Heat Wave Rage: Our top 20 photos from Rage at the River

I've been to the S.N.O.R.E. for the past 3 years in a row and I for one have never even seen the river, and I'm not lying. I think it's because I get to Laughlin and head down the strip and go right - Straight back out towards the desert. And that is where I stay for 2 days. Covered in sand, silt and sage. But what is all the rage?

Over the years I have seen countless DNF's, many people don't make it 2 laps, let alone make it to day 2, and even more racers DNF the 2nd day. I didn't actually see anyone rage. Maybe because they just love being out there. Despite the broken trucks, it's family. It's community. It's bond. I've never seen anything like it in my life. Each camp is filled with a massive support group of friends and family. To them this is tradition - If you break, it is par for the course. If it can be fixed, the teams will tirelessly work to get their drivers back in the race. If it can't, well...there is no can't. There is no give up. And no, nobody is being paid. This is all for the love of racing and hanging in the dirt. This is what off-road racing and Rage At the River is really all about, you and your family. Your crew. And without it, river be damned, there is no rage.

Here's my top 20 photos from the 2016 RATR in no particular order:

Lined Up: A large field for the 1400 racers, with almost an endless line of trucks lined up to go on day 2, with Hi-Vis crew member sitting on the pole, with Darren Parsons right behind him.

Launched: 1400 Driver Jerry Laimore takes the road crossing down while running with the big dogs int he unlimited race.

Hole Shot: Travis Chase pulls away from his competition at the start.

Fast N Close: Heat Wave supported driver Harley Letner was absolutely hauling.

Transmission: Towers and trucks. Keith Smith framed nicely in front of a row of power lines.

Towers towns and trophies: The path most taken, is usually the most beat up and it's the trophy trucks that beat it up.

Newly Weds: Paige and Nick have a special thing going on and recently just got married. Paige is #1 in Nick's support group.

Gear Up: Ashley is just as much an integral part of Chris's team. Chris and Keith getting suited for their race on day 2.

General Lee: Catching the sun  just right, and making that orange 01 car glow. This dude even had the Dukes horn.

Spark the fire: Nick's truck was a force to be reckoned with and was spitting fire both days. While it was easy to see, it was much harder to catch on "film"

Fly the flag: FREEDOM! Preston flies the flag with pride off the back of his truck and it made for a lot of great shots.

Fully focused: Darren's truck is the closest thing to a daily driver out there. Fully windowed up and creature featured out. Darren hard charged and had the fastest lap times if I can recall correctly. I heard he was also bumping music and taking calls while sending it. Just another day in the office I guess!

Dirt explosion: I hate that they water the track - I want more dirt explosions.

Push it to the limit: Coming into the infield a bit hot had 2008 holding on for dear life. Luckily he recovered, the marker light? Not so lucky.

Safety first: The visor sticker a close second.

Fully Alpha: Harley was piloting the Youtheory Class 1 so fast, the thing was on two wheels out of the turns.

Low Shutter + Fast Car: Blurry is fast!

Fish-Eye: Rule of the fish-eye is usually If you can't get hit, your shot ain't shit. Well, if a rooster tail can fill the entire frame, I think that's an exception.

2 wheelin: Walking the fine line between fast and falling.

Cocked, locked and ready to rock.

To see 500+ Rage at the River photos check them out on our Facebook page here.


The GLAMIS Heat Wave


Hi-Vis crew in full effect. Glamis. Halloween weekend 2016. Heat Wave Visual.

Featuring Nick Isenhouer, Chris Isenhouer, Blake Wilkey, Pre Ran Dan, Preston, Kevin Terry and more.

October 21, 2016


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All NEW Heat Wave clothing and head wear for Fall/Winter 16

We came correct and brought the HEAT for Fall/Winter 16 bring you fast paced, race inspired high-octane graphics printed on quality garments. We've got everything from hoodies, hats, beanies to tee-shirts, so you can be we're covering more than just your eyes.

Turn things up a notch with the Heat Wave Volatile tee shirt. Featuring a small Jerrycan Heat Wave logo on the left breast, the HEAT gets turned up a notch on the back with a color version engulfed in flames. Get it here.

Fuel your need for high octane with the Heat Wave Speed Division tee. This ultra soft Tri-Blend Tee shirt comes blasted with the Heat Wave Speed Division Logo on the chest, along with a small spell out logo on the left sleeve. Get it here.

Stay ahead of the game with the Heat Wave Faster tee. Featuring a hi-speed skull and a Heat Wave logo on the chest as well as a small spell out logo on the left sleeve, this shirt leaves no doubt that everything is indeed faster than everything else. Get the Faster tee here.

The Heat Wave Icon tee is classic. This tee shirt features a Heat Wave spell out logo on the front, big palm tree hit on the back. Available in white or black here.

Let your competitors choke on your dust with the Finish Line Sweatshirt. This sweatshirt features the Heat Wave spell out logo across the chest, with a Finish Line print blasted on the back. To top it off this sweatshirt features a Heatwave spell out on each sleeve. Available in black or navy here.

Feel the high energy of Heat Wave with this Highly-Visual custom Live-Wire camo backed logo. This sweatshirt features the Heat Wave Palm Tree on the left breast, with the Live-Wire Icon hit on the back. To top it off this sweatshirt also includes a Heatwave spell out on each sleeve. Available in Olive or Charcoal here.

Providing the heat to keep your kit correct. The Heat Wave Hunter Sweatshirt features a Heat Wave spell out logo in front and a bold palm tree and spell out combo in back. Available here.

From the holeshot to the checkered flag, the Trophy hat is podium ready. Featuring a army green 5 panel crown, gold Heat Wave podium patch, matching rope, and the Highly Visual hit on the left side. Available in Black, Army and Duck Camo here.

The AMF SnapBack Hat comes with a red, white, and blue Heatwave embroidery an Icon hit on the back right.
6 panel snapback - Available here.

Stay warm in style with the Icon Long beanie. Featuring a long acrylic knit equipped with a Heat Wave Icon patch on the cuff. Available in black, gray, and red here.

Don't let your noggin freeze and make sure you get a yourself Icon Knit beanie. Featuring an ultra comfortable acrylic knit equipped with a Heat Wave Icon patch on the cuff. Available in Black, Charcoal and Olive here.

September 21, 2016


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The Lazers are BACK!

Lazer Face sunglasses

The forecast is in, and it's a hot one. Straight LAZERS all the way across the board. The Highly Visual HQ hit record temps today with a restock a ton of Lazer Face sunglasses in previously sold out color ways. This restock is already selling fast, so don't wait around and let this opportunity evaporate.

Get your hands on the Lazer Face sunglasses here.

Iguanas X Heat Wave FREE Sunglasses event III

There's no such thing as a free lunch, but once a year you can get a free pair of Heat Wave Visual sunglasses at Iguanas with the purchase of said lunch. Come on out to the Down Town San Jose Iguanas location on Saturday the 27th (Starting at 11am) come hang, and get yourself a pair of Iguanas X Heat Wave Visual sunglasses. Special Guest DJ Goldenchyld will be on deck blasting tunes, and you'll get some free sunglasses.

Early bird gets their pick of the best worms, offer valid while supplies last!

Where: 330 S 3rd St. Downtown San Jose, Ca
When: Saturday August 27th 2016

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